How is someone out there feeling? In this new age of music streaming, where a service like Spotify uses neural networks, big data language analysis, and artificial intelligence machine learning techniques to winnow songs that are channeled down a high-tech digital assembly line to listeners, Perkins relies on a soft, squishy computer that he admits is a bit more unreliable since his stroke and which he refers to in his characteristic parlance as the old noggin. In other words, he plays what he knows and likes. Meaning "Bob Perkins with the good music. I think hes been very good to all the local jazz musicians who have recorded music, McKenna said. Mr. Bob Perkins, WRTI's own "BP with the GM," is retiring from full-time broadcasting after 25 years at the station and 57 on the air. Read More. Mr. Bob Perkins ("BP with the GM") WRTI jazz host extraordinaire turns 80 years old today. Each Friday at 6 PM, there's Nouveau Jazz . I couldnt leave Mom Perkins to go chasing after radio, he said. ABOVE PHOTO: The Legendary BP with the GM (Photo courtesy of WRTI-FM). Beginning in June, he will end the weekday program and continue with the Sunday broadcast on90.1 FM. They were very kind at WDAS, and they also allowed me to moonlight at WHYY-FM. Discovery, curation, community, performance, preservation. Copyright 2022 RadioInsight / RadioBB Networks. Hes introduced thousands, if not millions, of listeners to this music over the course of his career, delighted young and old with his signature sound, and been a tireless advocate for jazz appreciation and education. Please let Bob know in the comments section below. Bob Perkins' first radio gig at WGPR-FM in Detroit, 1964. Perkins sat and listened and learned his lessons and developed a calling. He could pick up stations that no one else that I knew could get. Five of the most outstanding jazz personalities had. Maureen Malloy, the director of jazz programming at WRTI, says there was an insane amount of listener response to Perkins unexplained absence. You trusted the newsperson you were listening to. Perkins, known to listeners as BP with the GM (Bob Perkins with the Good Music), will now work a reduced on-air schedule, helming a single weekly show Sunday Jazz Brunch on Sunday mornings. Mr. Bob Perkins ("BP with the GM") WRTI jazz host extraordinaire turns 80 years old today. I look forward to you lending me your finely tuned ears very soon.". July 1, 2022. He was the youngest child and when his mother became ill, he felt responsible to stay and care for her. ), I remember telling my friends about it, McKenna adds. Bob Perkins on Trumpeter Red Rodney, an Overlooked Philly Great! The estimated net worth of Joe Bob Perkins is at least $6.75 million as of November 2nd, 2022. You can never know. He got his first job in radio during a trip to visit his two brothers in Detroit in 1964. It was a small station. WRTI's legendary jazz DJ Bob Perkins retires at age 88 For nearly six decades, Philadelphia has been a unique voice in jazz music. Hear Bob on Sundays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for Sunday Jazz Brunch. Perkins has been ill and off the air for a few months but will make his return in the first week of January. Bobs staying power is a testament to his greatness. I like melody. And for 50 of those years he's been on the radio to the, Our very own "BP with the GM" shared his story, going back to childhood, with a large audience at the Athenaeum of Philadelphia on Feb. 22, 2019. Here's a great in-depth article about Bob from the Chestnut Hill Local. And Ive been a newsman, editorial writer, disc jockeyI guess just about everything with the spoken word in radio. He has been with the station since 1997. Radio has changed dramatically over the years, [particularly] with all the new technology, he said. Its almost like were trying to do too much. And for 50 of those years he's been on the radio to the delight of thousands and thousands of listeners. All rights reserved. TN: Why was it important for you to keep doing your show? "People say, You ought to give it up, man, go retire somewhere. Why? [1] His radio career began in 1964 in Detroit, Michigan. I went downstairs at the same building, and told the insurance company, Im here to quit a job I never started. Leaving out the door of the insurance company, the man who had offered me a job selling insurance said, Do you know what theyre going to pay you up there? Learn More about Joe Bob Perkins' net worth. By, Classical Events Calendar Submission Form, Bob Perkins Talks About Dave Brubeck's Legacy Back in 2012, BP Remembers The Glorious Jazz Vocalist Gloria Lynne. Perkins, known to listeners as "BP with the GM" ("Bob Perkins with the Good Music"), will now work a reduced on-air schedule, helming a single weekly show "Sunday Jazz Brunch" on Sunday mornings. I did what I could, he told The Inquirer in 2020, because I didnt know a thing about writing editorials. Hes one of the last purveyors of our actual history. But then hed also play Miles Davis, Maynard Ferguson, John Coltrane, and Bird. (The last being the nickname for the brilliant bebop jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker. Juneteenth 2022: Honoring Radio Personality Bob Perkins and Celebrating the Life & Legacy of W. Cody Anderson Temple University Libraries Join the Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection and the Office of Community Affairs and Engagement for a day of celebration and remembrance. But the idea stayed in the back of my mind., To work in radio, I was told Id have to go work in the boonies (the boondocks) and get the mistakes out, Perkins continued. About to host his talk show on WDAS in the mid '70s. PERKINS, 88, has been hosting at WRTI for 25. "You guys go home! But I mimicked what I thought the great guys Id grown up with would do, and I got away with it for years.. [1] His radio career began in 1964 in Detroit, Michigan. If you, WRTIs Bob Perkins joined the 2016 Philadelphia Music Alliance Walk of Fame class on October 19th. Music. If theres any good thing about thisand theres very little good about itits the fact that maybe families are getting together again and eating at the dinner table again, in the kitchen or living room, and doing things together again. If I was lucky enough to get a radio gig in the boonies without any experience, Id be lucky, I was told. Maybe its one of the high points in their life. I'm a general assignment breaking news reporter. I guess along with fast food came fast everything fast cars, fast thoughts, fast relationships. And people do forget. They had hired me for all the wrong reasons in the first place. Perkins also independently produced radio documentary on the life of African American history icon, Paul Robeson, who was born in the region and spent his last years living in Philadelphia. He continued to grow, working as newsman and assistant director at WJLB-AM in Detroit, before his career path returned him to Philadelphia, where in 1969 he joined WDAS-AM/FM as a newsman and after two years became News Director there;[5] after another year he also became the Editorial Director. At one time, you could hear him from 6-9 p.m. Monday through Thursday and. BP: People, they never call me, seemingly. Something they can hum. We werent sure at first when hed be back, so we didnt say anything. Finally, in mid-November, a post went up on the WRTI web page. TEMPLE UNIVERSITY Jazz-Classical WRTI/PHILADELPHIA evening host BOB PERKINS is stepping away from his weekday 6-9p (ET) show on JUNE 30th. The mix of music was an image of the man who chose it: smart and warm and nostalgic, displaying impeccable taste and a steady, low-key, and almost offhand hipness. From 1988 to 1997 he hosted a well-known jazz program on Saturday nights on WHYY-FM before moving to WRTI. Radio was saturated into me like a sponge thats put in water, Perkins said. Im the only one thats doing this thing on regular radio, and I enjoy very much what Im doing, and the feedback that I get from people who enjoy it. I was a war baby. Experience Board Chair Orennia 2021 - Present 2 years. His salvation was radio, Perkins said. He announced his retirement from weeknight shows in April. Bob Perkins is a Dj at Wrti based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Those letters always remind me that you have people out there listening to you and theyre expecting some good things from you. Last edited on 21 February 2023, at 01:44, promotes the subject in a subjective manner, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Art of Aging: Bob Perkins, a Philly Institution", "Talking all that jazz with WRTI legend Bob Perkins", "Bob Perkins: The Art of Listening article @ All About Jazz", "Meet the Philadelphia Music Walk of Fame's Class of 2017", Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia website,, This page was last edited on 21 February 2023, at 01:44. "I got radio rammed down my throat, because that was my fathers relief from his pain.. I had a mild stroke. The South Philadelphia native has been one of the greatest voices of the citys airwaves since 1969, when he joined R&B station WDAS in an influential news and editorial position after working in Detroit radio for five years. When I was a kid, which was a long time ago, radio was called the theater of the mind. There was a person named The Shadow. Fivedays a week, on WRTI, BP with the GM (thats Bob Perkins with the Good Music), plays jazz with a connoisseurs ear and an infectious sense of joy. I had been selling insurance in North Philadelphia at the time, knocking on doors. You should hear this guy.. I think what separates him from some of the other programming is that Bob is tried and true, said vocalist Denise King. Eventually, they changed their format to Jazz and Classical music. BP's last WRTI weeknight shift is on Thursday, June 30th from 6 to 9 PM. He regularly serves as master of ceremonies for major annual and special concert events in the region, such as the previous and very popular Mellon Jazz Festival Concert Series. All rights reserved. 2023 WWB Holdings, LLC. He throws in a four-hour show on Sunday mornings for good measure. His distinctive deep voice and progressive points of view became an on-air signature for the fast-growing FM and AM operations at WDAS over 19 years during the 1970's and '80's. They just let me have my own way and they seem to like what I play. He has attended two White House Presidential news conferences - one of Gerald Ford's and one of Jimmy Carter's. My father must have been listening to radio from the very start. His selections are like a familiar hug from Jazz Land featuring your favorite standards and vocalists such as Sarah, Ella, and Nat, some Big Band legends including the Duke and the Count . One of the most familiar voices on Philadelphias airwaves, BP is also an elder statesman of the citys jazz community, cherished by listeners and musicians alike. Jazz radio host and South Philadelphia native Bob Perkins, a mainstay on Temple University's public WRTI-FM station, plans to significantly scale back his hours this summer. And you had to visualize this man who could make himself invisible. A mainstay of the jazz music and radio community, Perkins has been on-air at WRTI since 1997. Bob received a Master of Science degree degree from Nazareth College. Perkins was honored with a bronze plaque in the Philadelphia Music Walk of Fame on the citys Avenue of the Arts in 2016 and was inducted into the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia Hall of Fame in 2003, among other awards and accolades. WRTI's legendary jazz host, Bob Perkins, is surrounded by his cd collection of jazz recordings in his home in Wyncote in 2019. You had to wear earphones to hear whatever stations you were lucky enough to hear that would come through. My dad was my radio school, the 86-year-old remembered. BP talks about Charlie Parker back in 2020 with WRTI's Susan Lewis: His presence is felt throughout the city. By continuing to use this website you are giving consent to cookies being used. He makes it interesting and inclusive for everybody.. I leaned on them when I got into radio until I got my own sea legs and could navigate on my own.. We listened sometimes to WGN in Chicago that was like 650 miles away. In 1988, big changes came to WDAS, and I was amongst the first of the old group of employees to be let go, he continued. I also dont think radio announcers are as influential today as they used to be, Perkins added. He currently hosts from 6-9pm Monday through Thursday, and from . READ MORE: Two Philly jazz masters celebrate their birthdays (and their best-friendship), Perkins had suffered a stroke. 27206. I became the news and editorial director after Jim Clash died at WDAS, Perkins said. I guess I couldnt help but love radio, because from the time I was a little boy, radio was very much a part of my day every day growing up in South Philadelphia.. One day in late summer last year, his familiar and congenial voice the aural equivalent of a cup of hot chocolate and a soft blanket went silent. Mr. Perkins in 2006. He credits his love for radio to his father who repaired radios as a hobby when he was young. I looked around, and I found a station that wanted a newsman. Like the theme song from the 1944 film Laura, played by saxophone legend Coleman Hawkins. Why might that be? Happy Birthday BP! [citation needed]. But what are you going to do? Philadelphia,PA19122 USA. Lance Venta is Owner and Publisher of By, Classical Events Calendar Submission Form. WRTI's own jazz legend Bob Perkins sat down with Kile Smith in December, 2012 for a wide-ranging interview about Dave Brubeck the man, his music, and his, WRTI Your Classical and Jazz Source | The mission of WRTI public radio is to broadcast the very best classical music and jazz recordings, and produce innovative, entertaining, and informative content that enriches the daily lives of our audience and the cultural life of Philadelphia and the tri-state region. The music that appeals to BPs old noggin is what he calls the melodic stuff with no expiration date, most of it recorded decades ago. We love your GM("Good Music")and you! You had to sit around the radio and visualize. Remember, I came up as a war baby. #WRTImusic Perkins had a five-year relationship with The Philadelphia Tribune, where he wrote commentary on government, society and public affairs. New Temple Press book celebrates Philadelphias Italian legacy, Hundreds of Temple community members gather to celebrate the life of Sergeant Christopher Fitzgerald with his family, Temples Lenfest Center increases job opportunities for the North Philadelphia community, Globally connected campus: A presidential visit to Temple Rome, Whats the best way for an athlete to build their brand? I think it would be silly to have me programming for a jazz historian.. In 2016, he was awarded a bronze plaque on Philadelphia Music Alliance's Walk of Fame on the Avenue of the Arts. Some of the management of that station listened to me on WGPR and they liked what they heard, he said. Melinda Whiting, Courtney Blue, Bobbi I. Booker, Susan Lewis and Maureen Malloy are familiar voices on WRTI. They offered me a job and I accepted. BP brought the GM back for the first time in more than four months his longest absence from the Philadelphia airwaves in 50 years on a Thursday night in December, followed a few days later by his Sunday show at 9 a.m. What he will bring to the microphone in a neat control room on Cecil B. Moore Boulevard just west of Broad Street is something his colleague Bob Craig describes as a style that is very, very warm and very personal and very loose. He went on to work for WDAS and while in Philadelphia, [2] in 1997, he joined WRTI-FM Temple University Radio. That petered out, but I was still at WHYY playing jazz music and loving it. Things change, he said, but there's always someone that's going to keep us on the right track., We're not a fatherless community. And whats he talking about doing after that? During his short life, he became one of the, Mr. Bob Perkins ("BP with the GM") WRTI jazz host extraordinaire turns 80 years old today. Its not the same. You know, its magic that Ive been around that long and people have that much confidence in me. In 2007, he was recognized with a proclamation by Philadelphia Mayor John Street, Philadelphia City Council and the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. 2/17/2019. 1 photo. What Bob does, it makes people feel like youre coming home, she said. Ive been in radio for quite some time. 12 of 12. He grew up in South Philadelphia and fell in love with radio as a child. The thing I liked about what Bob did was that he didnt call it a jazz show. Music, said BP about the GM. I got on the payroll, and Ive been there, ever since. In September of 1969, I started working at WDAS as a newsman. Robert Bob Perkins (born December 6, 1933) is an American radio personality. Lance also advises stations, talent and brands on digital content strategies, programming integrations, and brand extensions. And I would sit with him and we would listen. In 2016, he was inducted into the Philadelphia Music Walk of Fame as part of the Philadelphia Music Alliances all-jazz class of that year. Some of Bob Perkins' major honors and awards for career accomplishments include: The Kal Rudman Milestones in Radio Award; The Mellon Jazz Community Service Award, 2002);[6] Inducted to the Philadelphia Broadcast Hall of Fame, 2003 and the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia [1] Hall of Fame (Enshrined with Philadelphia Broadcast Legends John Facenda, Larry Kane, Dick Clark, Herb Clarke and Ed Bradley, to name a few); City of Philadelphia Proclamation by Mayor John Street for Outstanding Contribution to Philadelphia Jazz, 2007;[7] State of Pennsylvania Proclamations at the State House of Representatives and the State Senate for Outstanding Contribution by a Pennsylvania Resident to Jazz, 2007; U.S. House of Representatives Proclamation by Congressman Chaka Fattah for Outstanding Contribution by a Pennsylvania Resident to Jazz, 2007 (pictured above). rescue remedy for dogs woolworths, amber heard recording, dr walker plastic surgery,
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